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MS Way Logistics Collaborates with WeMall Pro to Expand Market in Dubai​

MS Way Logistics Collaborates with WeMall Pro to Expand Market in Dubai

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates – 6th July 2023 – MS Way Logistics, a leading global logistics provider, is delighted to announce its strategic collaboration with WeMall Pro, the revolutionary online retail platform. The two companies are joining forces to extend their market outreach, beginning in Dubai on 15th July 2023.


This synergistic partnership between MS Way Logistics and WeMall Pro is designed to transform the face of digital retailing and logistics services in the Middle East. It will bring together the unique strengths of both companies to leverage technology, enhance customer experiences, and foster seamless connectivity between digital platforms and physical services.

“We are thrilled to partner with WeMall Pro on this exciting journey of global expansion. Our advanced logistics capabilities combined with WeMall Pro’s innovative e-commerce platform will undoubtedly deliver a superior customer experience and drive growth in new markets”, said the spokesperson of MS Way Logistics.

WeMall Pro’s decision to expand its market starting in Dubai is strategically aligned with the region’s robust digital infrastructure and booming e-commerce sector. Dubai, renowned for its high-tech lifestyle and rapidly growing digital economy, offers an ideal environment for the innovative services of WeMall Pro, supported by the robust logistics backbone provided by MS Way Logistics.


“We believe in the transformative power of partnership and synergy. This collaboration will allow us to bring the best of both worlds – innovative online retail and world-class logistics services – to our valued customers in Dubai and beyond,” a representative of WeMall Pro stated.

The venture is also expected to contribute significantly to the Dubai economy, opening up numerous job opportunities, promoting digitalisation, and accelerating the city’s journey towards becoming a global hub for e-commerce and logistics.

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